"We’re a small Seattle based furniture and design shop re-balancing materials and process into everyday objects."-- I came up with that!  We also worked with Day-Studios to flush out the other texts for the website.  It's a Squarespace site that we worked and massaged into what you see.  We’ve done a few days of photo shoots on location, and over the past couple of years took some pieces into the studio too.  Lots of images (not all ours) for a lot of different needs... catalog, website, and possible print advertising down the road.

Every 2 years or so, most websites need a refresh. We have helped Day-Studios twice with these, producing photos of their new designs and building on the brand we’ve help create with new web verbiage and graphic content. D-S has some awesome furniture designs and ideas for their business. With that in mind, they’ve given us the freedom to create whatever we think is needed to support their brand. I appreciate the freedom they’ve afforded my process. Nice!

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