Business Impact NW (BIN) is a Seattle based non-profit working to forward the goals and education of small business throughout the PNW. I had been consulting with BIN for a few years, nursing their one-size-fits-all website with patches and fixes. A website that wasn't portraying their brand in the clearest light and needed a re-boot. To their credit, BIN had done a lot of market and customer research and came to me with a pretty clear idea of what they thought they wanted; functionally and conceptually. I teamed up with Megan Simmons of MCSD to work through BIN's graphic design needs,  toiled with custom form types and designing reusable web content templates for the project. There is more, of course, that goes into a good website including SEO, custom 401 redirects, A custom calendar, a media library for PDFs and organizing all their media... its all in there!

Keeping all the content straight and the ideas flowing--organization, communication and planning was paramount throughout the project. As with all of my jobs, I use Trello to keep the work/sprints flowing and the team on task. I also shared some online tools for the project sitemaps. Everyone was on the same page, literally looking at the same tools and content as we worked.

It all came together, the end product looks good, acts nicely and functions responsively across multiple platforms.

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